Artist Statement - YvonneBaurPhotography

Artist Statement

I picked up my first camera in 2008 and I immediately fell in love with it. Over the years I developed a sense in seeing unique things and I began to use my camera as a tool to document the world around me. After a while, my photography became my voice and I began to create a story with pictures rather than with words. It is important for me to explain my images in the way I see and not so much about where I am and what I try to document with my camera. 

I try to take pictures that draw attention to things many people normally ignore or simply overlook. For me, these are the small details that make a certain image and the way I focus on a scene that enrolls in front of my imaginary eye like a map. I am always amazed at the shapes and forms that surround me and focus my work to include these in my images. For me taking pictures is a way to express myself and to get lost in a scene where I create my own special moment in a certain composition.

My goal is to make photographs that capture a unique moment and draw the viewer’s attention. Through my images, I express a special mood and connect to the places I visit and embrace my creativity into each image. My most successful photographs are the ones that do not only show the beauty in it but also create a sense of wonder or mystery. This is one of the reasons I primarily focus on landscape photography, where I can use light, forms, and shapes, and a certain mood as a powerful tool to let my images speak out and tell a story.

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